For the Mother Earth

For the Earth = for Us   –   pre Matku Zem = pre Nás

The project Planet of circles’  is an international voluntary project that aims to connect people with the Planet and ‘her soul’. This connection arises, develops and grows together with the tree that is planted within the project. People get connected to the Planet by planting trees in a circle size of around 20 meters. It is a social activity as it makes people come together. The connection of roots symbolizes the connection between people.

For the Trees  –  Pre Stromy

One of the aims of our project is to rescue saplings that are located in places unsuitable for growing them and replanting them elsewhere.

For the places  –  Pre miesta (pre premenu miest, zo zanedbaných na prosperujúce)

The main difficulty of the project is to find suitable areas for planting. We would like to plant trees in public spaces that are commercially unviable and need land care and repair. We need to contact municipalities and state lands to find small areas that need rehabilitation. One of the aims of our project is to take care of neglected, abandoned and damaged places. These places should be re cultivated into thriving spaces for growth and interconnection.

For the intentional/local Communities  –  Pre zámerné Spoločenstvá

The project ‘Planet of circles’ gives an opportunity to create new connections between people, revive places and the planet. The project can be used as a support to local initiatives and serve as a ground to develop relations between people.

For the Mother  –  Pre Matku

The project helps to cultivate local relations and a long-term sustainable social environment as well as a healthy interaction between humans and the planet.

For the whole Universe  –  Pre celý Vesmír

The circle can be viewed as a symbol of interconnection, perfection and infinity.

For Us (again)  –  Pre Nás (znovu)

We believe, that for people the circle will bring fulfilling the need of deep contact with nature and a meaningful activity performed for their community and humanity.